Kenyan Entrepreneur Turns E-Waste to Jewellery

June 12, 2014


In a bid to reduce environmental impacts caused by the overwhelming number of non-bio-degradable electronic wastes that are threatening Kenya’s environment, two innovative young entrepreneurs have formed an electronic waste lab dubbed, ‘E-Lab’

With research indicating 10-20 percent of all computers sent to Kenya from abroad are unusable, the amount of electronic waste being disposed on a daily basis in the country is growing steadily fuelled by the technological advancement with mobile service providers in Kenya also responsible for over 3000 tons of e-waste generated annually.

According to Alex Mativo, E-Lab’s CEO, “E-waste is a new environmental challenge due to Africa’s fast growth in the number of mobile phone users and electronics.” The problem demands for a more innovative way of curbing it hence the establishment of E-Lab to promote a culture of safe and responsible e-waste disposal among Kenyans.

Featured on CNN International’s ‘African Start-Up’ this week, entrepreneurs Mativo and Simon Mumo indicated their passion for being more innovative and providing solutions in the fast evolving technology sector.


Source: Biztech Africa

By Omondi Julius Odera