E-Waste May be Most Pressing Problem of the 21st Century

October 9, 2014

Most of us discard electronics items within three years of purchase, and that timespan is only getting smaller.

On the E-Waste Trail

September 26, 2014

An investigation into the toxic trail of illegal e-waste that is ushered from the first to the third world.

The Geography of the Global Electronic Waste Burden

July 24, 2014

Nearly a quarter of e-waste that developed countries discard floods into seven developing countries.

How to Recycle Bricks

July 3, 2014

Bricks are a heavy and bulky landfill material, so reuse them whenever possible.

Now, a Process to Recover Gold from E-Waste

May 21, 2014

In order to meet the increasing demands and conserve resources, it is necessary to recycle and develop e-waste as an alternate source of these metals.

How to Recycle Televisions

May 18, 2014

A lot of old TVs end up in landfills, but they can be recycled if you get them into the hands of the right vendor.

China: Recycled Concrete Houses 3D-Printed in 24 Hours

May 6, 2014

Each house is eco-friendly and constructed from 3D-printed building blocks made from layers of recycled construction waste and glass fibre and mixed with cement.

Israel Boasts a Beautiful Park Carved from Trash

May 5, 2014

The recently opened Ariel Sharon Park is almost 2,000 acres of reclaimed land, located in Israel’s most populous region, Gush Dan.