Can Urban Mining Revolutionize Central Africa and its Conflict Minerals?

November 2, 2015

Violence is common when it comes to conflict minerals, the very same minerals powering your mobile and home electronics and millions of others around the world.

What’s in a Wearable?

October 8, 2015

So, what’s with wearables? What does their growing popularity mean for urban mining and e-waste recycling?

Reclaiming Metal Building Materials

December 2, 2014

Metals from building and construction sites are excellent candidates for reuse and can have significant advantages over traditional sources.

Extracting Gold from Cell Phones

November 11, 2014

Every cell phone contains trace amounts of gold, which means a global battle for gold reclamation is already underway.

Precious Metals in Tablets

November 5, 2014

E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream across the globe, and tablets are quickly becoming a major culprit.

E-Waste May be Most Pressing Problem of the 21st Century

October 9, 2014

Most of us discard electronics items within three years of purchase, and that timespan is only getting smaller.

On the E-Waste Trail

September 26, 2014

An investigation into the toxic trail of illegal e-waste that is ushered from the first to the third world.

The Geography of the Global Electronic Waste Burden

July 24, 2014

Nearly a quarter of e-waste that developed countries discard floods into seven developing countries.